GeoTech Advisors


GeoTech Advisors is the first consulting firm specializing in geospatial technology company transactions.  

We work with companies and investors in the geospatial technology (GeoTech) and location intelligence industry to help them realize maximum potential value in a financial transaction, including:

  • Value enhancement prior to and during an exit transaction or capital raise
  • Operational diligence of an acquisition candidate
  • Pre and post merger integration assessment and implementation
We combine decades of proven geospatial technology business expertise with sound investment experience.  We roll up our sleeves and work with you to maximize the value of your GeoTech company or advise on a potential acquisition. We participate in:

  • Selling all or a portion of a company
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Recapitalization of a company
On occasion, we may even be a direct investor in or a buyer of your company.

Company Owners:  Preparing for a financial liquidity event requires developing an exit-focused strategic plan.  You need to know how to maximize your value to attract strategic investors who will likely pay a premium for your company.

You need a team of dedicated and successful industry and financial professionals on your side.

Investors:  We can provide due diligence reports, management team evaluations, and market strategies. We take a critical eye in evaluating GeoTech and location intelligence companies and technologies for investors.  We can work closely with your deal team to target companies for potential acquisition or investment. 

If you are already engaged with a company or looking to exit your position, we can provide reports and strategies to maximize the value of your holdings in the company. We can help you and your GeoTech management team develop a realistic and market-driven exit-focused strategic plan.